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If a nurse believes that she is being asked to accept an assignment that would result in a violation of the rules of the NPA or the Commission, she may refuse to participate in any action that would constitute a reason to report the nurse to the board if the nurse is the person giving the order, at the time of the rejection, informed that the reason for rejecting the order is that the act is a violation of the NPA or the rules of the Board [ section 301.352 of the NPA]. If a nurse is invited or instructed to engage in behaviours that she believes violate her “duty to a patient,” the nurse may consider invoking a safe haven. For more information about the Safe Harbor, see the SAFE HARBOR Nursing Peer Review FAQ and Council Rule 217.20. If an LVN is able to perform tasks that require a full assessment (as opposed to a “targeted” assessment) of patients who may experience unpredictable changes in health status, as well as be able to make independent nursing judgments (as would be required for initial telephone or on-site triage), the LVN may put in a position that violates the Good for Nursing practice standards, which is found in Council Rule 217.11. Position Statement 15.10 (Continuing Education: Limits to Expand Scope of Practice) states that the scope of practice of a single nurse has licensing restrictions. Although LVNs can expand their practice to some extent with post-admission continuing education, this does not allow LVNs to expand their practice to the extent that additional formal training and a different level of admission are required (e.B. Conducting comprehensive assessments). This is The Commission`s Rule 217.11(1)(B), which makes every nurse responsible for maintaining patient safety. This standard replaces a physician`s prescription or guideline; Therefore, a nurse cannot evade her “duty” to ensure patient safety by overburdening the responsibility for care measures taken by another party. Position Statement 15.14 (Duty of a Nurse in Any Practice Setting) further clarifies the duty of a nurse, regardless of the amount of the nurse`s licence. Are there any rules for nurses who perform radiological procedures? Certain procedures or acts may constitute a delegated medical act. .

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