Trane Service Agreement


The planned service puts regular maintenance on a scheduled schedule and budget. Most of the time, a planned approach costs less than buying ad hoc services or paying for in-flight repairs. It also ensures that important maintenance work is not ignored or delayed. Please contact us to discuss in detail our service agreements. We offer multi-year discounts and recommend a program that best meets your needs. Take control of the maintenance of your building system Call your local trane office today. We help you define the service agreements that best meet your needs. Instead of meeting urgent service needs and emergency repairs, you can put your time and energy – not to mention your operating budget – into more cost-effective activities. With a planned contract from Trane, your building systems are maintained by our competent service technicians who use Six Sigma proprietary maintenance processes to offer maximum quality. As all of our maintenance activities are carried out as planned, the planned agreements with our service technicians offer a cheaper alternative to the ad hoc service calls you can pay for today. Take control of the maintenance of your building system Call your local trane office today.

All our work services are guaranteed for 90 days. If you have a problem within 90 days of the service, it will be free to report the problem and diagnose it again. We support our work. HK is Trane`s specialty. We know how much attention equipment needs and when it is needed to remain reliable and energy efficient. Our service agreements are generally included in a full system inspection, refrigeration fluid management (including disposal and documentation) and all planned maintenance work. If you wish, our technicians can also assess the age and condition of the installed equipment and help you make plans for the exchange of emergency assets and power supply. CCCs are complex. Rules on emissions and proper handling of refrigerants and reporting leaks can be confusing. It`s easy to make costly mistakes. Why would he leave it all as it is? We offer service contracts for any type of hlK system.

You have the flexibility to choose actions and set schedules to adapt a service contract that clearly matches your needs, priorities and budget. In addition, our technicians are factory trained with the help of a network of trane experts. Each time you benefit from a quality service in each building. Our discounted prices save you money with every service call. Our repair trucks are fully equipped, which allows us to repair 99% of the calls on the first visit.