Sydney Catholic Schools Enterprise Agreement Maintenance And Outdoor Award Level 2.1


(b) the table of promotion places in primary schools is as follows: (c) be required, in the case of a general worker, to work during the pupil`s holiday periods if, by virtue of his previous agreement or bonus, the worker was not required to work during the pupils` holiday periods, unless the general worker and the employer have given their consent in writing; The parties agree that religious education is a major priority for systemic schools in the Diocese of Broken Bay. In order to help teachers meet the professional requirements of teachers of religion in the diocese, course fees to be paid by teachers employed on a permanent basis in systemic schools in the Diocese of Broken Bay and who study CSO approved religion courses up to the minimum are reimbursed by the employer.  “Work Practices Agreement” means the following agreements and amendments: coordinators other than RE coordinators are appointed coordinators 2 and are entitled to a leave of 0.1 FTEs. RE coordinators in schools under 201 are appointed coordinators 1 and are entitled to 0.1 RTD release period. RE coordinators in schools over 200 years of age are appointed coordinators 2 and are entitled to rtD leave of 0.2. Middle Leader 1 and special project positions are normally advertised in a school or in a number of consolidated schools where there is an appropriate apprenticeship position to support the position. .