Subject Verb Agreement Quiz For Bank Exam


15) “to” omit 🔹 indication – “Better” is used to give advice or tell people what to do. Meaning is the present or the future, not the past. Always use “had” before you don`t have. With better, we use the naked infinitiv. 16) No error 17) The sentence is perfectly correct. 🔹- help, offer, let go, do are causal verbs, because they provoke something else. When used in the active voice, they are followed (except let) by the naked infinitive (v1). But when used in a passive voice, they are followed by an infinitive (up to +v1). Example – I got my friend to solve the riddle. ✔️ My friend was made to solve the riddle.

✔️ 18) No error 🔹 indication – here the word depends better on the word “too much better”, which means to improve or do better than someone else. 19) If negative ideas are introduced into a noun game with verbs (Imagine, think, believe, according to) in the main sentence, it is advisable to make the main sentence negative. . . .