Sign Manufacturing Agreement


7. MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR. After acceptance by the buyer, all costs of maintenance and repair of the signage, with the exception of those covered by the 2-year warranty defined in paragraph 8, are paid by the buyer and the seller is thus exempted from any liability in the maintenance or repair of the panels. 8. TWO YEARS WARRANTY. Seller offers a two (2) year warranty on all panels and plates, inside and out, which covers material, design or processing errors. This warranty covers structural damage; cracks, tears or rotting of the substrate; a serious hole or noticeable joint of the sign; and significant bleaching or flaking of coatings, including resin epoxy resin, primer, paint or transparent varnishes. “With this new agreement, we are well prepared and ready for the scale of our supply chain and continue our efforts to launch the new NeoNavia biopsy system. Working with leading suppliers is both interesting and fun and I look forward to taking this partnership to a new level and setting the stage for a successful introduction,” says Magnus Olsen, Chief Development & Operations Officer, NeoDynamics. If you want to have the ability to pull the tools at any time, if you want your supplier to have appropriate confidentiality agreements with its own suppliers, if you want to establish strict systems to prevent “products sold on parallel channels from being sold from a backdoor”, and more generally if you do not want to be abused or held hostage by a supplier, A good manufacturing contract will help. 14 INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY & DESIGN RIGHTS. The seller agrees that the buyer may only place on the seller`s websites ( and photos of filled panels, including installed panels, for advertising purposes, unless the buyer signs it in writing within 10 days of delivery of the panel. If the buyer has developed and made available to the seller the design of the sign, its logo or its work of art, the buyer may declare this as intellectual property (including copyright) and the seller has no right to use these designs on other panels, banners or other materials for sale without the express written permission of the buyer; However, the seller may continue to insert photos on the site, unless the buyer has expressly prohibited it within 10 days of delivery of the sign.

All designs that the buyer has developed “free of charge”, i.e. no cost to the seller, with the exception of the nominal proof fee of USD 30 refunded after the buyer`s purchase, remain the intellectual property of the seller, and the buyer may not put these designs on other panels, business cards, banners, brochures, prints, logos, etc. without the express permission of the seller (normally, this is issued free of charge). . . .