Rent Agreement Wakad


The tenancy agreement is a legal document between the owner of a property (owner) and the tenant (tenant) who takes it on the rent. After the contract is concluded, you will keep our customer support team and Portal informed of the status of the document. I work in the IT industry, and wanted to make an apartment sharing lease, my friend suggested I contact Easy Rent Agreement, they explained the whole procedure and the importance of the rental contract, the procedure was simple and their service is satisfactory. I would definitely recommend Easy Rent Agreement. After registration, we share the final agreement by email. The landlord or tenant must complete the necessary information to obtain the holiday and license contract in Maharashtra. Our fees are defined by a government contract. We make sure that these fees are very transparent with domestic support. The vacation and licensing contract is different from a general rental contract, because in the case of Leave- License, the owner leaves the place with different facilities and gives the licensee the same thing to use. You can register from home with our front door service. We send a registered document to your email as soon as it has been received by the government within a specified time frame.

Fees can be paid online/cash, if possible, just choose your option. We are a government-authorized organization that provides the citizens of India with a rental contract. Our trained manager will visit your door to perform the service and contract. We are a technology-driven company that insists on data management without manual intervention. Agreements and documents are provided electronically. Visiting the Chancery during the week is ancient history. We will insert you on the site of your choice. We do real estate registration, more than anything, you will get our fair advice and your interests will remain our main concern. Aadhar card or their receipt during the application, as is required. Post your request and we will send you an email with the appropriate features if the person is an Indian card, Aadhar or receipt of it.

If it is a foreigner, an original passport is required. Get a warning if the owners update new properties Me and my owner decided to sign Rent Agreement, we contacted Easy Rent Agreement and the experience was simple and stress free. They visited with just an online appointment, no need to waste extra time on procedures, it was too fast and the fees are also affordable.