Imi2 Annotated Model Grant Agreement


Do you need more information on preparing and signing grant agreements? Check out this Horizon 2020 webinar for successful proposal coordinators. [1] “IMI 2 JU is a public-private partnership created as a `joint venture` between the European Union and the European Pharmaceutical Industry Association and Associations (EFPIA). `The two members of the Management Board, the main decision-making body of IMI 2 JU, shall be represented in the same way.` See All project partners must sign a consortium agreement defining the rights and obligations of the participants and addressing issues such as governance, accountability and intellectual property rights. The agreement should be adapted to the needs of each project. A model developed by EFPIA shows what a consortium agreement could look like. Consortia can also use alternative models if they wish. Type of consortium agreement describing the different types of access rights. Research and innovation actions – First stage proposal under a two-stage procedure To be considered eligible by the European Commission, the project costs must be as follows: please consult the IMI2 JU Annotated Model Grant Agreement, which presents the specific characteristics of the IMI2 public-private partnership and helps applicants and project participants to understand and interpret the provisions of the IMI2 JU Model Grant Agreement.

This page contains all documents related to calls for proposals and projects launched under the IMI2 programme. It contains tender texts, documents for applicants, grant agreements and reports. Identifiable indirect taxes (including non-deductible VAT) paid by the beneficiary and which are not refunded in accordance with national law are eligible. Ineligible costs include provisions for future debt or loss, currency losses, return on investment costs, the cost of other EU projects or programmes, debt and debt service charges and excessive or reckless spending. . The IMI2 JU Model Grant Agreement (MGA) is updated from time to time in accordance with the 2020 (H2020) MGA horizon. The latest version of the IMI2 JU MGA is always available via this link. Below are links to some versions and IMI2 calls. As a general rule, the amendments only apply to new grant agreements. In some cases (for example.B.

however, if beneficial to beneficiaries), retroactive amendments may be made to projects whose grant agreements are based on earlier versions of the model grant agreement. This document explains this in more detail and summarizes what is new in versions 3 and 4 compared to previous versions and what changes are retroactive. For more information on cost eligibility, please see the following documents: Filing Essential Information for Applications, including Clinical Trials/Trials/PDF Word Reviews Since this template is regularly updated, we recommend that applicants always use this link to ensure they have the latest version. Note that from IMI2 – Call 10, proposals must be submitted through the electronic submission system of the promotion and tender portal.. . . .