Home Maintenance Agreements


Do your due diligence. Maintenance contracts should not be extended to owners until your team receives detailed information about their equipment and assets. If your company installs new devices, be sure to affix this tool-based contract and record the serial number in your digital records. Contracts should specifically describe the services covered by a detailed inspection and maintenance plan. Train your team of technicians to connect with customers and hear their questions and concerns during scheduled audits and interviews. The time you spend talking face-to-face with your customers provides extremely valuable feedback and reassures customers who are interested in your business. A monthly maintenance contract generates more of these possibilities to establish a good relationship with the owners and awaken loyalty to your brand. Keep your pitch simple and short. Neither your customers nor your technicians want to be faced with an unpleasant and longer sales situation, so make sure your technicians know how to talk about your maintenance contracts with a concise sales presentation that highlights the benefits of homeowners. Increased customer satisfaction. Maintenance contracts mean that your business needs to be attentive to your customers` needs, and this type of attentive customer service gives you more opportunities to impress, maintain, and satisfy owners. Home maintenance subscription models are often based on two models.

Device-based contracts sold with new devices ensure proper maintenance service to protect your company`s investment and reputation. In general, it is best to fully review the working condition of an owner`s HLK technology, sanitary facilities, electrical system, etc. before extending a service contract to the customer. Too many service visits to resolve repeated repair issues make the maintenance contract too expensive for your business. Consider setting a limit for dates per contract duration and indicating which services cover maintenance affiliation. While many maintenance contracts offer good service at good value for money, there are also companies that may not be properly certified, demand too much, or not stick to what they promise, so your own research before signing an agreement is essential to ensure that you actually get the level of service and quality you expect. . . .