Fier Agreement


The agreement was signed by the Mayor of Fieris, Baftjar Zeqaj, and his counterpart Thomas Bengas, and Bernardo Notarangelo, Director General of Mediterranean Relations for Tourism, Culture and European Programmes in the Puglia region, participated in the ceremony. It is also expected that both couples should contribute to the development and strengthening of local governance and cooperation between local institutions. attend (to attend) play (a game) (to play) (to play) (to play) (to play) miss (to lack something) from (to lack something) listen to (to obey) please (to please) talk to (to s (to resemble) approach (to approach) rely on (to rely on) marry (to marry) be wary fr (to misstrust) mock (mock) remember (remember) In order to have an effective collaboration, the two institutions organise meetings, seminars, fairs, cultural and sporting events and reciprocal visits at least once a year. Another important mandatory point of the agreement is cooperation in future EU programmes, which are expected to be implemented during the period 2014-2020. The European Union programme, which will be extended in 6 years, will provide funds and grants to development projects, mainly in European developing countries. The two municipalities will establish lasting cooperation relations in all fields in order to develop their territories, exchange ideas and experiences in the compilation of projects of mutual interest in the fields of economy, culture, tourism and the protection of historical monuments. This agreement will be followed by a second phase during which the two institutions will present a partnership agreement on cooperation allowing the joint application of the two cities in EU projects. He currently teaches Dalcroze Eurythmy in children`s music schools, in teacher training programs for professional students, and in the Department of Actor Drama (UNA National University of the Arts). He is director of the Dalcroze certificate in Santiago de Chile (Escuela Moderna de Música y Danza) and Buenos Aires (postgraduate course, UNA-DAMUS), both in agreement with the Jaques-Dalcroze Institute in Geneva, Switzerland.In in addition to his commitment to teaching, he has served as an opera and ballettpianist in Argentina and abroad. The Albanian city of Fier and the Chinese city of Wuxi have signed a partnership agreement to promote partnership and cooperation between the two cities. The agreement was signed by The Deputy Mayor of Fier Commune, Florian Mucaj, and the Mayor of Wuxi, Wang Qang. The municipalities of Fieri and Ioannina on Monday signed a joint agreement to strengthen cooperation between the two cities in the fields of tourism, trade, culture, sports and natural, cultural and cultural heritage.

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