Euronext Reference Shareholders Agreement


This agreement of 21 June 2017 expired on 20 June 2019. It will be extended for a further two years from 20 June 2019. You are attempting to enter the area of this site, which is intended for the publication of documents and information regarding the proposed acquisition of Refinitiv (Refinitiv) by the London Stock Exchange Group plc (LSEG) (the Transaction). The transaction will be structured as a full acquisition of Refinitiv shares by LSEG and represents a reverse repurchase of LSEG by Refinitiv shareholders, in accordance with the FCA`s listing rules. The information contained on this site is provided in good faith and solely for informational purposes and is subject to the conditions set out below. In particular, the information contained on this website does not constitute an offer or invitation to buy, acquire or subscribe, to sell, sell or make an offer, to sell, sell, buy, acquire or subscribe for securities, including securities to be issued in connection with the transaction or from any other jurisdiction; in which such an offer or demand is illegal. ICE`s agreement to acquire NYSE Euronext was a spin-off for Euronext, seen as a positive for European stakeholders. [79] After a complex series of transactions, this was done on June 20, 2014 as part of an initial public offering (IPO). [82] The former Euronext.LIFFE was maintained by ICE and was renamed ICE Futures Europe.

To stabilise Euronext, a consortium of eleven investors decided to invest in the company as “reference shareholders”. Eight of the initial reference shareholders complied with the extension and represented 23.86% of Euronext`s share capital. This new group of reference shareholders has accepted a new two-year lock-up period, which expires on 21 June 2017 and expires on 20 June 2019. In 2008 and 2009, Deutsche Börse attempted two unsuccessful merger attempts with NYSE Euronext. These two attempts were not made at advanced stages of the merger. [55] [56] In 2011, deutsche Börse and NYSE Euronext confirmed that they were in advanced merger talks. . . .