Data Processing Agreement G Suite


Over the years, the terms of this agreement have evolved on the basis of regulators and customer opinions. Under the agreement, the client generally acts as the person responsible for this personal data, i.e. the client determines the purposes and means of processing that data. As a subcontractor, Google processes this data on behalf of the customer and on the customer`s instruction. At Google Cloud, we advocate for initiatives to prioritize and improve the security and protection of customers` personal data and want you, as a Google Cloud customer, to feel safe in the face of the requirements of the RGPD, that you use our services. If you work with Google Cloud, we support your compliance efforts with the RGPD: like its predecessor, the amendment specifies that Google considers itself nothing but a processor when you use its G-Suite. In addition, it will take time to inform you of the importance it attaches to data security. If these two points are perfectly valid, it is probably a broader debate. Processing managers can use Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform management consoles and feature services to correct, restrict, restrict or remove access to the data they and their users enter into our systems. This feature will help them fulfill their obligations to respond to the requests of the individuals concerned to exercise their rights through the RGPD. Improve Google`s obligations for impact assessments, pre-consultation and the rights of those affected; Infrastructure.

Google manages geographically distributed data centers. Google stores all production data in physically secure data centers. Google reports that over the years, they have worked closely with data protection authorities around the world. As a result, they have put in place strong privacy protections, which reflect their guidelines. The customer is given control of certain data sharing policies. These policies may, in accordance with the functionality of the services, allow the customer to determine the parameters applicable to end-users for sharing products for specific purposes. The customer can use the logging feature provided by Google via the services. Respect for the RGPD is important to protect sensitive personal data.

Organizations must comply with the RGPD when established in Europe. Companies in America or elsewhere that serve users in Europe are linked in the same way. Those who are not can expect approved fines and these fines can quickly add up and be significant. On data carriers containing data, there may be performance problems, errors or hardware errors that cause them to be decommissioned. Each disused hard drive undergoes a series of data destruction processes (the “data box” before leaving Google`s premises for reuse or destruction.