Chase Ultimate Rewards Program Agreement


Card-to-card point transfers: Chase Ultimate Rewards® points from other Chase payment cards can be transferred to these three special cards to get the higher cashout rates. For example, if you have the Chase Freedom Flex℠, you can`t redeem for travel with the higher premium rate – only the usual 1 cents per point. But if you also have the Chase Sapphire® Card or Chase Sapphire reserve® you can transfer your Chase Freedom Flex points to one of these cards and redeem them for the higher value. The following transfer partners would need a unique circumstance to transfer Ultimate Rewards, for example. B the need to top up an existing balance or a single example of where the programme adds value. For these programs, there are usually much better ways to earn points or miles – like Cobranded cards or other transferable points programs – rather than transferring Ultimate Rewards. Here`s a quick summary of each: The points I`ve cashed out the most for my travels are Chase Ultimate Rewards (UR) points, and that`s because of their value and flexibility through partner transfers. Let me break down the many reasons why Ultimate Rewards and Chase cards are my most important points and a great option for anyone who wants to travel with reward points. One of the greatest virtues of the Ultimate Rewards program is the diversity of cashing options: you can redeem your points for cashbacks, gift cards or merchandise, or you can buy trips to any service or website and redeem your points for credit from bank statements. If you have a reward card, you can redeem points to travel through the Ultimate Rewards site in exchange for a 25% to 50% bonus or transfer points to one of Chase`s 13 partners. Unlike some travel reward cards with an airline or hotel brand, several Chase credit cards offer extra points for a large number of travel purchases and other routine expenses such as food. Small entrepreneurs can even accumulate extra points for certain types of business expenses, depending on the business card they use.

Here`s a good example of exactly the same hotel stay on the same dates with IHG® Rewards. While you can book the Holiday Inn Jamaica Resort for 50,000 IHG points® out of, the same hotel will only get 14,603 points through Chase Ultimate Rewards with the Chase Sapphire Reserve on the same days. Luckily, Chase Ultimate Rewards offers some of the best travel credit cards available today, each offering a generous sign-up bonus and ongoing rewards, depending on how much you spend. Chase Ink (one of the best credit cards for small businesses) can earn bonuses of 2 points to 5 points per dollar, depending on the type of purchase. However, we do not recommend it. As you can see from the graph above, the value of your points is very low – only 0.8 cents per point. If you want to redeem your rewards for the goods, you will get a much better value by using the cashback option to pay for the goods directly. The only way to earn rewards in the Chase Ultimate Rewards ecosystem is to sign up for a Chase credit card that works under this program and use that card. Your best cashout rates will likely be with United MileagePlus or Hyatt Gold Passport….