Car Parking License Agreement


The fee is plus VAT, but the user must pay the VAT due. The fee includes the costs of insurance of the land and all the services provided (for example.B. the provision of a door or the cleaning of the car park). This is a simple agreement with a “Dos and Don`ts” menu for your licensee. It is suitable for all car parks, in all circumstances. However, if you are granting a place that you will occupy yourself as a licensee, use the license space to another owner. 2.3 Do not park the vehicle mentioned above in a car park other than the space allocated to the licensee by the Council. The agreement defines the rights and obligations of the licensor (i.e. the person granting the right to use the space) and the rights of the licensee (the organization that rents the space to you). 1.2 The parking card issued by this License Agreement applies only to the vehicle designated in the application and is not transferable. This agreement is between the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham (“the Council”) and the person (“licensee”) who is licensed.

3.7 Notices by the Commission to the Licensee shall be deemed to have been served if they are transmitted by hand to the Licensee at the address of this Agreement or 24 hours after their publication at that address. You can use our parking license, whether you own the car park or have the right to use the car park under another rental agreement. If you rent the space to the user`s employer or company, then they use it for commercial purposes and could become a protected tenant. Therefore, do not use this document if your license is to be addressed to a company. .